Fawlty Zionist Towers


Yes Sybil?

Haven’t I told you never to play Israel?

Yes… but… well…

What, Basil? What don’t you understand?

It’s special. I will show them how to make a Waldorf salad.

Basil! Their comics will use the act and call it Israeli salad.

I never thought of that. I can’t let them steal my material.

You cannot, Basil.

Ignorant, culture-stealing barbarians!

That’s right Basil.

Occupying, oppressive apartheid colonists!

Yes Basil.

Waldorf salad is over their heads! They are too evil to be funny!

You understand, Basil. Ahh, here’s Mr Peled. Welcome, Mr Peled. Take Mr Peled’s bags up to Number 8, Basil.

Peled? The son of an Israeli general? We know all about your type. You steal land, water and Waldorf salad!

No no Basil! He’s on our side!

I’ll show you a thing or two, you apartheid colonizer!

No Basil! He’s (WHUMP! THUMP! OOF!)

Mr. Peled is a black belt in karate, with more degrees than you have bruises.

Would you like… Waldorf… shalad?

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