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Here are some informative articles on the Ukraine war, starting with six by Olga Sukharevskaya, a Ukrainian diplomat and jurist now residing in Moscow. She started writing them early this year, as she saw the crisis developing, before Russian forces entered Ukraine on February 24. All of them appeared on Russia Today, which is now banned from Google search results in Europe, and subject to various censorship elsewhere. The seventh is from Sputnik, about the reign of terror visited on Ukraine’s Russophile citizens after the 2014 coup. The excerpt from Ukrainian TV shows Ukrainian Nazis candidly stating the real purpose of the Maidan uprising, not about “joining Europe”, but about a right-wing resurgence and war on Russia. Two articles argue that Russia’s attack was self-defense. If you can only sniff at ‘Russian state sources’ like a FB censorship algorithm, you are a sheep.

The Slavyangrad Telegram channel is discerning and informative, written by a Russian from the Donbass, living in Toronto.  The Grayzone Ukraine archive has much informative material. Moon of Alabama has valuable material. The last links are interviews and articles by Jacques Baud, a Swiss with intel/military background, who worked with Nato on Donbass issues.

How Ukraine’s ‘Revolution of Dignity’ led to war, poverty and the rise of the far right

From peacemaker to warmonger: Tragic downfall of Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky

Under the Wolfsangel: The uncomfortable truth about radical ideologies in Ukraine

How Crimea became part of Russia and why it was gifted to Ukraine

How a century of political violence in Ukraine is linked to the atrocities of today

The Russian language in post-Soviet Ukraine: 30 years of discrimination against the country’s most popular tongue

What Did Putin Mean by ‘Denazification’ of Ukraine and Why is It so Important?

Ukrainian Nazis on the 2014 coup. It was never about ‘joining Europe’ but about a right-wing resurgence, and breaking up Russia.

The Legality of War

Why Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is legal under international law

Slavyangrad Telegram channel

Grayzone Ukraine archive, many informative stories

well-known source edited by Bernard, apparently Russian with a military background, living in US

Our Interview with Jacques Baud

Jacques Baud: “The goal is not to help Ukraine, but to fight Putin”

The Latest on Ukraine from Jacques Baud

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