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Move Over, AIPAC

The annual conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee took place in Washington the weekend of May 21-22 and the following week. As usual, the top of the federal government paid tribute. President Obama addressed the 7,000 strong delegates, and … Continue reading

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When Palestine Was at Stake

The future of Palestine was at stake in the 1940s, and the fundamental clash of interests, between Zionist Jews and Palestinian Arabs, was also a fundamental clash of principles. The differences are shown by a comparison of the liberal Arab … Continue reading

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The Fever Chart

Naomi Wallace’s The Fever Chart: Three Visions of the Middle East, is three one-act plays, set in the Gaza Strip, West Jerusalem, and Baghdad. The pieces were separately written and performed over five years and first combined in 2008; the … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Jewish People

The fundamental myth of Zionism is the return of the Jewish people to its land. The sovereign people was conquered, and exiled far and wide, but remained aloof and united, inspired by the memory of its ancient sovereignty. In the … Continue reading

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Justice Goldstone at Brandeis

Justice Richard Goldstone spoke at Brandeis University on November 5, with former Israeli UN ambassador Dore Gold, on a program entitled “The Challenge of the UN Gaza Report.” Goldstone, a South African jurist and former prosecutor of International Criminal Tribunals … Continue reading

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Michigan Peaceworks on Palestine

What should one make of an Arab-Jewish women’s “dialogue group,” presumably concerned with the catastrophe in Palestine, one of whose Jewish members led the suppression of activism on Palestine in a general peace and justice group she also helped found? … Continue reading

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Suez 1956, Iran 2007?

In the fall of 1956, Britain, France and Israel attacked Egypt, in “the best-documented war plot in modern history,”1 which the conspirators put in writing and signed at a meeting at Sevres near Paris on October 22-24. Israeli prime minister … Continue reading

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Thrice-told Tales

Gabriel Kolko‚Äôs work as a historian casts a giant shadow, but his recent account of “Israel, Iran and the Bush Administration” (CounterPunch, February 10/11) is open to challenge. The Israeli peace talks with Syria, which Kolko finds of “enormous significance,” … Continue reading

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Truman and Israel

The Truman Administration’s policy on Palestine challenges at its start the “strategic asset” view of the US-Israel relationship, and reinforces the “Israel lobby” view, as argued in the recent article by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. Truman’s support for the … Continue reading

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